Highlights from the resolution:

It affirms the legitimacy of the struggles of peoples under colonial and foreign domination, acknowledging their right to self-determination by any means at their disposal.

Calls upon all governments denying the right to self-determination of peoples under colonial and foreign domination to recognize and respect that right in accordance with international covenants, the principles of the UN Charter, and its spirit.

Considers that the seizure and retention of land contrary to the right of the people of those territories to self-determination is unacceptable and constitutes a flagrant violation of the Charter.

Condemns those governments denying the right to self-determination, particularly the peoples of Africa and Palestine, recognized to possess such rights.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution on November 13, 1970.

In Favor of the Resolution: 71

Against the Resolution: 12

Abstention: 28

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