75 years post-Nakba

The Nakba is a term referring to the mass forced displacement in 1948 of over 750,000 Palestinians from their lands and homes.

Seventy four years ago; the Zionist movement, with support from Britain, succeeded in forcefully seizing control of the majority of Palestine through armed means and thus declaring the establishment of Israel.

Palestine Before Nakba (Catastrophe)

"They say my land has vanished, lost in the memories of my mind. They say my home was demolished, my orchards and fields set ablaze. I say no, the memories have never faded; the sun of hope has never disappeared from my eyes. There, my home; there, my land; there, my sanctuary. I see them in my waking hours and in my sleep, seventy-five years, and the dream remains the same among my brethren, unified in every inch. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or any land where I live, not as a refugee, no, I am not a refugee. I have a homeland, I have a land, my identity. The years will never erase it, no matter how loud the voices of the occupiers, no matter how the words of submission echo in the trumpets of traitors. For I will return, I will cross all borders, break the walls and chains. And to you, O Jerusalem, believe me, I will return."