Haifa 06-07-1938 – Haifa Market

Israeli Massacres - Haifa 06-07-1938 – Haifa Market

Members of the Irgun gang detonated two explosive-laden cars at a market in Haifa, resulting in the deaths of 21 civilians and injuring 52 others.

Jerusalem 13-07-1938 – Vegetable Market

Ten people were killed, and 31 others were wounded in a devastating explosion at the Arab vegetable market in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem 15-07-1938 – City Mosques

A member of the Irgun gang threw a hand grenade in front of one of the mosques in the city of Jerusalem as worshipers were leaving, causing the deaths of 10 citizens and injuring others.

Haifa 25-07-1938 – Arab Market

A car bomb planted by the Irgun gang exploded in the Arab market in Haifa, resulting in the deaths of 35 citizens and injuring more than 70 others.

Haifa 26-07-1938 – City Market

Irgun members threw a hand grenade in one of the markets in Haifa, resulting in the deaths of 27 Palestinians.

Jerusalem 26-08-1938 – Arab Jerusalem Market

An explosive-laden car placed by the Irgun gang detonated in the Jerusalem market, causing the deaths of 34 and injuring 35 others.

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