The Palestinians managed to hold onto the coastal city of Acre and its surrounding villages throughout the bloody conflict with the Jews from November to May 1948.

When the Yarmouk Brigade, led by Adib al-Shishakli, arrived in late January, there were only thirty fighters left to support the city's inhabitants. The city's people were a thorn in the side of the Jews, ambushing their cars and confronting their fighters.

Acre managed to maintain its Arab identity until Haifa fell to the Jews. After this, an influx of refugees came in, and Jewish combat units freed themselves up and focused their fire on the city. The people of Acre, along with refugees from Haifa, continued their fight. However, the Yarmouk Brigade's leader sought help from the Damascus Committee in vain. On May 11, al-Shishakli decided to withdraw with his army. The people of Acre were left to fight alone after hopes for assistance from the Damascus Committee and a delegation to King Abdullah in Amman, Jordan, were dashed.

Bloody battles took place at Napoleon Hill. Many of Acre's youths who attempted to stop the Jewish advance were martyred. A fierce battle occurred on the other side of the city where all defenders from that area were martyred. The situation remained dangerously unstable.

On May 15, while the people of Acre awaited the arrival of seven Arab armies, they engaged in fierce fighting with the Jews that lasted day and night. Through this, they managed to seize the railway station from the Jews and expelled them from the Department of Affairs building. They engaged in a bloody clash near the private cinema building, resulting in the killing of 60 members of Jewish gangs. However, the Arab defenders couldn't hold out for long. By the next morning, they discovered their ammunition was almost depleted, and the Arab armies had not yet reached Acre.

Adding to the plight, the Zionists spread typhoid fever in the water, leading to the spread of this dangerous disease. The city was filled with patients seeking treatment and healthy individuals requesting vaccinations. Moreover, there was no clean water for drinking or usage.

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