On April 7, 1948, Commander Abdel Qader al-Husseini led a force of fighters to reclaim the village of Al-Qastal. After intense fighting, Abdel Qader al-Husseini's men managed to surround the village. Some of them launched an attack on the armed Jewish gangs entrenched in the village, but due to the disparity in equipment and ammunition, the fighters' attempts failed.

Abdel Qader al-Husseini himself then led another attack. He and his men engaged in a fierce battle, showing exceptional bravery. However, their weapons quickly ran out, while the military strength of the Jewish gangs was reinforced with supplies. They encircled Abdel Qader and his men tightly, and the news spread. Volunteers and freedom fighters rushed to their aid, numbering around 500, and surrounded Al-Qastal from all directions.

On April 9, 1948, Abdel Qader and his companions fought a fierce battle, successfully driving the Jews out of Al-Qastal. However, he was martyred during the battle. After his martyrdom, many fighters left the village. Exploiting these circumstances, the Jews returned, reoccupied the village, destroyed its houses, fortifications, and mosque. Thus, the village fell for the second time.

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