The battles in Safed and its surroundings continued like all cities in Palestine and its villages. The total Arab arms, from the start of the fighting until its end, including what the Damascus Committee sent, didn't exceed 400 rifles, some French and some English. Adbi Al-Shishakli was the leader of the sector that included Safed. The British withdrew from Safed, the historical city that housed approximately 12,500 inhabitants. On April 16, 1948, Arab forces entered parts of the city, occupying many areas with around 600 fighters, including nearly 470 Palestinians and 130 from the Salvation Army.

Before the battle for Safed, Jews managed to occupy two Arab villages, Ein Zeitun and Beirya, isolating Safed from critical villages. While the fighting between the two sides continued without interruption, on May 5 and 6, the Jews received military reinforcements carried by 172 military vehicles, boosting the morale of Arab fighters. Despite the Safed residents holding their ground, and Al-Shishakli attacking Jewish positions with his cannons, a group of Iraqis joined them and contributed significantly to breaking the Jewish neighborhood. The Jews rallied their forces and attacked Safed's positions in three waves. On May 8, the Jews used well-crafted rocket launchers alongside mortar bombs. The Jewish offensive broke in front of the steadfastness of the defending Arabs. However, the Arab ammunition shortage, a recurring issue, began to worsen and diminish.

The Jewish writer, Maier Fischer, stated that the Arabs resumed cannon fire on May 9 and 10. This time, it was more lethal and precise, spreading death and destruction wherever their shells fell. Safed was on the brink of falling into Arab hands if it weren't for significant reinforcements from the Palmach forces. These forces were armed with numerous and abundant weapons, including quite a number of Fiat cannons. The weather was rainy, and the two sides clashed everywhere, especially at the Police Building, room after room, using white weapons when the cannons were silenced and the Arab ammunition ran out. However, according to the balance of power, Safed fell on May 12 into the hands of the Jewish gangs after 100 Palestinians were martyred, and 850 Jews were killed.

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