Genocide in Gaza

Palestine Before Nakba (Catastrophe)

"They say my land has vanished, lost in the memories of my mind. They say my home was demolished, my orchards and fields set ablaze. I say no, the memories have never faded; the sun of hope has never disappeared from my eyes. There, my home; there, my land; there, my sanctuary. I see them in my waking hours and in my sleep, seventy-five years, and the dream remains the same among my brethren, unified in every inch. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, or any land where I live, not as a refugee, no, I am not a refugee. I have a homeland, I have a land, my identity. The years will never erase it, no matter how loud the voices of the occupiers, no matter how the words of submission echo in the trumpets of traitors. For I will return, I will cross all borders, break the walls and chains. And to you, O Jerusalem, believe me, I will return."
موقع فلسطيننا

Important Events and Dates in the History of Palestine

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أكثر من 500 قرية هجرها تم تهجيرها من قبل الإحتلال الصهيوني إبان نكبة 1948 ، وذلك في محاولة منه لطمس الهوية الفلسطينية، حاولنا جاهدين تجميعها في هذا الموقع مع معلومات عن كل قرية...

So as to never forget

The Palestinian Villages Destructed By Zionist Gangs During Al-Nakba 1948

The term "depopulated villages" refers to the hundreds of Palestinian villages that were forcibly emptied of their inhabitants during the Nakba of 1948. This displacement was achieved through various means, including outright coercion, psychological warfare, and fear-mongering tactics that instilled a sense of vulnerability and compelled villagers to flee their homes. This systematic expulsion, orchestrated by Israeli organizations such as Haganah, Lehi, and Irgun, resulted in the destruction of over 530 Palestinian villages. In 1948 alone, approximately 13,000 Palestinians were killed, and more than 750,000 were uprooted from their homes, becoming refugees. The displacement of Palestinian communities had a profound impact on Palestinian society, fracturing its social fabric and severing generations from their ancestral lands. It also led to the dispossession of Palestinian property, further exacerbating their hardships and reinforcing their status as refugees. The Nakba and the subsequent depopulation of Palestinian villages remain a defining chapter in Palestinian history. It is a stark reminder of the human cost of conflict and the lasting impact of displacement on communities and individuals alike.

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